1. Library
    STTAA provide library facilities supported by online computerized system. Up to November 2014, STTAA has nearly 30,000 books, dozens of journals theology and abroad, subscribe to hundreds of thousands of books and articles online, as well as the magazines Christian and the public continuously improved quantity and quality to support the teaching-learning process and service.
  2. Lecture hall
    STTAA equipping every lecture hall with supporting facilities, educational facilities and modern teaching and learning processes such as TV, VCD Player, VHS Player, OHP, LCD Projector, and Camcorder to practice preaching.
    For students of the concentration of Music and Liturgy, provided some room to hone their musical talent and vocal.
  3. Computers Laboratory & Internet Facility
    STTAA provided computers connected to the local network (Local Area Network) equipped with software and e-books to enrich research conducted lecturers and students. To facilitate access to information, enrich the knowledge and service demand, STT Great Commission also provides wireless Internet access for faculty, staff and students.
  4. Dormitory
    STTAA provide dormitories for male and female students S.Th. and M.Div. unmarried. Students S.Th. and M.Div. married do not live in the dorms, but provided some special units of students who come from out of town. STT Great Commission does not provide dormitory facilities for students / i M.Min study program. or M.Th.
  5. Consumption

    Students who live in dormitories provided consumption three times daily with a menu prepared by the nutrient value is balanced. Therefore, students not allowed to cook for themselves at the dormitory.

  6. Sports Facility
    In addition to considering the spiritual and intellectual formation of the students / i, STT Great Commission IS ALSO considering the physical conditions of the students. For that Satta provide sports facilities (basketball, indoor soccer, ping pong table, jogging track) and health facilities for the students. Each week the students are given a specific time for a few hours for exercise. Also Satta provide medical Consultations with doctors appointed.
  7. Administration
    To support and facilitate the teaching and learning activities and the activities of other STT Great Commission, supported by some labor STTAA Administrative staff full-time with a background in general and theological disciplines.