Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is theological in Amanat Agung Theological College?

Our seminary is evangelical in theology school, but our services are interdenominational.

2. Has Amanat Agung Theological College provide distance lecture / class extensions?

No, for the time being, all lectures in Amanat Agung Theological College done in the campus.
However, Amanat Agung Theological College Emmaus Center Extensions provides classes that can be done outside Jakarta, in partnership with the local church.

3. Is Amanat Agung Theological College provide scholarships?

Basically all students S.Th. or M.Div. getting a scholarship in the first year because STTAA not collect tuition from students S.Th. or M.Div. Students S.Th. or M.Div. only the administration fee and hostel fee and consumption. However, students S.Th. or M.Div. and students who can not afford M.Min or M.Th. can apply for waivers dormitory and consumption or tuition after passing the first year of study (terms and conditions apply). First-year students have to find their own support and administrative costs and consumption for his college dorm.

4. Will I be able to work or full-time service while studying at Amanat Agung Thelogical College?

a. For students B.Th. and M.Div., lecture done in full time from Monday through Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday the students will be placed into churches for service practice, so that students may not be able to work or while studying full-time ministry.

b. For students M.Min. and M.Th. lectures conducted on Monday, therefore students do not need to leave the full-time service for college. However, students have to remember to set aside enough extra time to read books that are assigned and / or tasks other lectures.

5. Whether to register a course B.Th. and M.Div. must have been truly baptized adults / confirmation of at least two years?

Yes, because to be a full-time servant of the Lord must be expected to interact with the local church for at least 2 years. For those who experience delays because of the policies of the local church, for example in the case of a minimum age of adult baptism / confirmation can consult with admission.

6. Can graduates of C packages can sign up courses B.Th.?

Can. All graduates of High School / equivalent can enroll for courses B.Th.

7. What is the difference to take courses S2 M.Div., M.Min. or M.Th.?

The study program M.Div. reserved for those who graduate from general S1 / non theology, while M.Min study program. nor M.Th. reserved for those who have graduated from courses Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) and has been serving full time.

8. For transfer students from other Theological Seminarywhether value can be calculated in Amanat Agung Theological College?

Yes, but the decision on the subject of what can be calculated is in Amanat Agung Theological College and inviolable. Prospective students are welcome to discuss in advance with the head of the Amanat Agung Program  by showing transcripts of previous seminary.

9. We want to support STTAA services. Do STTAA receiving financial support from churches outside GKY and / or individuals?

Yes, all forms of financial support can be transferred to the operational account Amanat Agung Theological College

BCA cab. Green Garden, Jakarta

a / c 253.3200.800
a / n Yayasan Amanat Agung Indonesia
(We each targeted support to this account number notified to the finance department at the phone number +62 21 5835 7685 or at the fax number +62 21 5819 375)