Main Value

Amanat Agung Theological College has core values that operate in every aspect of learning and community life. Four core values integrated in STTAA logo, shows that the four values is becoming an integrated part in the life of the academic community of Amanat Agung Theological College.

1. The first value is Scriptura, symbolized by the Bible in the upper left, said that the Bible is our foundation. As the revelation of the "Alpha and Omega, the First and the latter, the Beginning and the End," the Bible we hold dear as the basis and the norm in the dynamics of theology and the airport as well as a source of news that can not be compromised.

2. The second value is Scientia, symbolized by a mortarboard and scroll, confirms the tradition of academic quality. We emphasize the quality of education with high academic standards in the evangelical tradition with the insights of critical thinking.

3. The third value is Sanctitas, symbolized by the burning bush, said calls in holiness. We uphold the sanctity of life and community based personal devotion to God, formed through worship and spiritual discipline and embodied in integrity, purity and love.

4. The fourth value is Servitas, symbolized by the candlestick with seven lamps, made a commitment that continued to burn for the work of the Lord. We believe in the importance of service to make all nations disciples of Christ in the spirit of mercy / compassion, humility, sacrifice, and devotion accompanied by soul professionalism and sensitivity to cultural context.