Requirements, Registration Procedures, & Approximate Cost of Study
Program Master in Theology (M.Th.)


  1. Candidates who apply must have at least a Bachelor's degree or Master of Theology of Divinity (M.Div.) With a minimum GPA of 2.75, evidenced by a copy of diploma and transcripts of the School of Theology where previous education.
  2. Candidates must have experience in church or other Christian bodies of at least two years evidenced by the Certificate of Church / Agency services for this place candidate ministry.
  3. Submit an academic paper at least 15 pages to be rated academic skills and also participate in the interview.
  4. Alumni of Amanat Agung Theological College is not required to submit the academic paper, but still have to follow the interview process.
  5. Prospective students must follow the equivalent English TOEFL exam arranged by the school or have a valid TOEFL score with a minimum value of 500. For prospective students who already have a valid TOEFL score, must include a copy of the TOEFL score as the completeness of registration.
  6. Pay the registration of Rp. 250.000, -.

Application procedures

  1. Prospective students can take out a registration form on the campus of Amanat Agung Theological College, Jl. Kedoya Raya No. 18, West Jakarta, or download the Registration Form Studies Program M.Th. from website Amanat Agung Theological College.
  2. Prospective students fill out the registration form and complete it with all the administrative documents requested.
  3. Prospective students submit completed registration form along with all the accessories and pay a registration fee in public administration, in the Campus STT Great Commission, Jl. Kedoya Raya 18, Jakarta Barat.
  4. A candidate for an interview on the appointed day at the Campus of Amanat Agung Theological College, Jl. Kedoya Raya 18, Jakarta Barat.

Estimated Tuition Program M.Th.

  1. Registration form: Rp. 250.000, -
  2. Almamater suti : Rp. 750.000, -
  3. Student cards: Rp. 25.000, -
  4. The administration fee: FREE
  5. Tuition: 9 modules x Rp subjects. 750.000, - = Rp. 6.75 million, -
  6. Costs of the proposal and seminar proposal: Rp. 750.000, -
  7. Cost thesis: Rp. 1.250.000, -
  8. Graduation Fee: Rp. 800.000, -

*Amanat Agung Theological College reserves the right at any time to adjust the costs referred to above, if necessary.