About Us

Welcome to the Official website of Amanat Agung Theological Seminary, Jakarta

Amanat Agung Theological Seminary was established out of a burden to prepare qualified workers to harvest in the field of the LORD. After a struggle for about 5 years, the board of elders and pastors of Gereja Kristus Jemaat Mangga Besar (GKJMB) Jakarta - now the Synod of the Church of Christ Jesus (Sinode Gereja Kristus Yesus or GKY), Amanat Agung Indonesia Foundation was officially founded on 9 September 1996.

After a series of preparation, Amanat Agung Theological Seminary was officially innaugurated in a Innauguration Service at GKJMB Rayon III Greenville - now GKY Greenville. In the event, the innauguration inscription was signed by:
- Drs. Jan Kawatu (Director General of Protestant Community Guidance), 
- Pdt. Dr. William Hodaviah Hosanna (Senior Pastor of GKJMB),
- Bpk. Suhendro Hadiwijoyo (Chairman of the Board of Elders), and
- Bpk. Hendrawan Haryono (Chairman of the Amanat Agung Indonesia Foundation).

At that time, Amanat Agung Theological Seminary was located at Greenville Block C3 No. 1, West Jakarta on a piece of land ± 1000 m2.

After 10 years at the campus building, starting from August 2007, Amanat Agung Theological Seminary begin to use new campus buildings located at Jalan Kedoya Raya No. 18, West Jakarta.

Our current top leadership are:
- Mr. Juan Panca Wijaya (Chairman of Amanat Agung Indonesia Foundation)
- Rev. Andreas Himawan, D.Th. (President of Amanat Agung Theological Seminary)

We are so grateful for all the facility that the LORD had provided for Amanat Agung Theological Seminary. But we realize not to depend on the buildings or the facilities. May the LORD whom has been with, and lead, Amanat Agung Theological Seminary so far will always lead on. With a motto "preparing excellent Pastor-Teologians," Amanat Agung Theological Seminary determined to prepare pastors who can answer the need of the church and the people of God today, pastors who has shepherd hearts and also biblical theologian minds.

We call upon you who are called to serve as fulltime pastors to be shaped in Amanat Agung Theological Seminary. Amanat Agung Theological Seminary is interdenominational, and we accept students from all church denomination. We are members of Perhimpunan Sekolah-sekolah Teologi di Indonesia (PERSETIA) and Asia Theological Association (ATA)

Kami mengundang Saudara/i yang terbeban dalam pekerjaan mempersiapkan hamba-hamba TUHAN untuk turut serta mendukung kami dalam doa, kerjasama, dan dana.

"Tuaian memang banyak, tetapi pekerja sedikit. Karena itu mintalah kepada tuan yang empunya tuaian, supaya Ia mengirimkan pekerja-pekerja untuk tuaian itu." Matius 9:37-38 (ITB)